There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and see our variety of stuffed OLIVES, pickled GARLIC and savory, flavorful seasoning blends. Check out the tasty, easy recipes, take a moment to read the customer comments and be sure to take advantage of the featured items on sale for a limited time only. 

We are Garlic Capital Products®, formerly known as Gilroy Spice Company. Our fantastic garlic flavored seasoning blends, dry rubs, pickled garlic, habanero and olive products have remained popular for over over 30 years with loyal customers from around the world because we bring something delicious to the table.

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At Garlic Capital Products® we have all you need

From our world famous Garlic Award Mix to the delicious pickled garlic, savory stuffed olives and eye watering habanero products you won't need to shop anywhere else.


Mouthwatering recipes

Check out our recipes for quick, easy and delicious dishes using one of our flavorful garlic spices, seasonings and dry rubs.

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