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The go to garlic seasoning blend for all your holiday recipes. Garlic Award Mix and more are availab

Don't get caught without Garlic Award Mix this Season

All of our Seasoning Blends bring something to the table when it comes to Holiday entertaining. The Garlic Award Mix is a superb seasoning for your Holiday Turkey and it's also fabulous on roasted vegetables, as a gravy seasoning or added to turkey stuffing and so much more. If you like a little more spicy kick to your dish we have that also in the Gilroy Hot Stuff® Habanero Seasoning or our milder South of the Border. Try blending some of the seasonings and create your own mix.

 If it's appetizers you need our seasoning blends make great dip mixes when mixed with sour cream or yogurt and the Old Gilroy Garlic Co.® Olives, Antipasto & pickled Garlic are sure to please your guests. Our Garlic Cheese Sprinkle is yummy in too many things to list.  Here at Garlic Capital Products® we have it all so be sure to explore the website and order now for holiday giving or holiday cooking. You can't go wrong.

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We are Garlic Capital Products®, formerly known as Gilroy Spice Company. Our fantastic garlic flavored seasoning blends, dry rubs, pickled garlic, habanero and olive products have remained popular for over over 30 years with loyal customers from around the world because we bring something delicious to the table.

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From our world famous Garlic Award Mix to the delicious pickled garlic, savory stuffed olives and eye watering habanero products you won't need to shop anywhere else.

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Check out our recipes for quick, easy and delicious dishes using one of our flavorful garlic spices, seasonings and dry rubs.

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